Girlfriend Accepts Promotion


I have known for almost 2 years that Boyfriend was planning to propose, and I have known for almost 3 months that he had a ring. I figured that if it took him over a year to get the ring after informing me that he had talked to his mom about proposing, that I would probably have about another year before the proposal actually happened.

On Thursday, June 23rd, I received an email from my manager (sent to our entire group) saying that we needed to get all of our daily work finished by noon on Friday for a "special work project". This stressed me out! I am a very planned out person, and didn't know how I would possibly get everything done that was set for an 8 hour day in just 4 hours - well, 3 hours if you account for the meetings that morning.

As usual, I called Boyfriend after leaving work that night and vented to him about my day. I told him what my manager had emailed us, how stressed out I had already been, and his response was, "You can blame me if you want." I of course said no, it's not like this is your fault. You never cause me stress. (Should have picked up on that clue).

At 11:59am on Friday, June 24th, my manager comes over to my desk with an envelope labeled "Eleshia's special work project". I was SOOO confused. Was I getting fired? Did I do something wrong?! All of the things that could possibly be work related ran through my mind. I opened the envelope and quickly looked to see who it was from first. Bad idea! I immediately started tearing up (and I don't cry, ever!) and couldn't read past the first paragraph. Luckily, I have a wonderful team and manager who helped me get through it!

Letter #1 Special Work Project 

Well well well… Here you were thinking it was just going to be another normal Friday!
Well I have bad news and good news. The bad news, Boyfriend is kind of taking over your day so it might ruin any plans you may have had.
The good news, your day is being hijacked because you are getting a long overdue proposal. We kind of did everything backwards in life so you knew it was coming, but you didn't know when.
I know you aren’t thrilled about surprises and you dislike even more not having a plan. Well never fear, this has been months in making, so there is a plan. I am also aware that you don't like feeling like you are not in control, so they are slightly flexible plans! I do need you to do one thing though. Please just enjoy the day that I tried to build perfect for you!
So how does this day work? For you it will be very simple. You will be receiving a series of letters throughout the day from me, each letter will contain the plan for that portion of the day, and random thoughts by Boyfriend (which is always fun).
I have already worked out the time off today with your manager. But, I figured I would let you start your day at work because I know how important it is for you to have your Drs and your teams at work taken care of.
So firstly, get done anything that needs to be done before you leave for the day. When you’re ready, call your best friend. She is waiting for you to contact her. She is the keeper of the letters that will guide you through the day. So call and meet up with her when you’re good to go. But try not to keep her waiting past 12:00. I have given her a small list of things to do with you today. It will be fun.
With love and excitement, Boyfriend.

SOOOO many mixed emotions during this letter! He knows me very well, and addressed every concern that I had when it came to leaving work and not knowing what the hell the plan was. I still had a hard time leaving work, but I was BEYOND ecstatic because I knew how this would end!

Letter #2 Big Brother - Best Friend - Same Difference!

Of course you talk to your Big Brother about this! It is very exciting news to share! Since I knew you would talk to him next, I have given him the first official letter for you to read. Your Brother is one of your very favorite people in this world, and I have to agree. He is such a great guy. He has been there for you your entire life, including the night you and I officially met…
Around 10PM on Friday, June 28, back in 2013, I went to go see a movie with my friends. We take our seats in the back row, which as you know is my very favorite spot in any movie theater. I look down the row and recognize my pal from work. At first I think he is on a date, but then I remember that he has a sister that he is good friends with, and I see the family resemblance. He spots us and says hello, and you both decide to move down some seats because the people on the other side of you wont stop making out. I don't mind though because you ended up sitting right next to me. I immediately tense up and get very nervous. I have never asked you if I seemed dorky or awkward. But I definitely felt both dorky and awkward… I even remember thinking to myself at one point that I should try and hold your hand. Then I remembered that we had just met and figured that would be an odd way to break the ice. It was a dumb thought at the time. But that is what pretty girls do. They make boys go stupid.
So I pushed the idea out of my head, assuming that you wouldn’t be interested in me anyways.
That is how we started. A dumb boy trying to stare at the movie screen instead of at the pretty girl that he didn't think he could get.
But even with you being way out of his league, he still somehow became Boyfriend.

I think Jamie is the only person that can truly understand the friendship that is between my brother and I, because he has that type of friendship with his best friend: inseparable! The fact that he thought to include him made my heart melt. As soon as I saw that he had a letter too, I teared up... AGAIN! The start of our story is one of my favorites (I am a bit bias), and he wrote it so perfectly! Except for the part about me being out of his league. I recognized him from work, but had no idea he was my boss's best friend. I usually feel awkward sitting by people I don't really know; oddly enough though, sitting next to him was like sitting next to a friend I hadn't seen in a few years. He has that calming effect on people. Little did I know, he was a nervous Nelly!

Letter #3 Shopping Spree!

How many times in a week does a girl say, “I don't know what to wear!” A lot. It happens a lot.
When you and I have an important event to go to, we usually consult each other on outfit choices. Sadly, since I want this event to end with us meeting up later, I can't be there to help you pick an outfit. So how about I do ya one better? How about you go on a shopping spree with your best friend! A new outfit for the occasion, and your best friend to help you pick!
Don't worry about money. I already did that part. You get whatever you want, as long as you are comfortable, and feel pretty!
But I know you better than that. You are planned and structured. A ‘spend whatever’ budget might make you a little flustered. I don't want you worried about a budget. You worry about an outfit! Therefore, with this letter, I have included a $200 Visa Card. That is what I planned on spending. (Although, I don't care for one second if you need to use more. So I gave your Best Friend my credit card just in case!)
Now that you have a budget in mind, I know you are thinking, “But Boyfriend, I don't know what occasion to dress for!”. Well I will be wearing a nice collared shirt and nice Jeans. I thought a shirt and tie would be fun, but we can save the formals for engagements!
So you can wear anything you want. I just want you to feel pretty and comfortable.
You could even show up naked! (Actually no. Don’t show up naked. Because then you could get arrested and ruin the whole proposal.)
Either way, have fun shopping! You just mentioned the other day how you were going to wait awhile before going on a shopping spree, and I told you that I would get you to go one soon. How perfectly timed!
-Love Boyfriend

Here came the waterworks again! The letter that, I'm sure, he thought would be the least of them to make me cry. I have had a hard time feeling "pretty" for a while now and Boyfriend has done so great at helping me overcome that and helping me love myself at every point in life. He knew that I didn't really want to start this journey toward a wedding until I could lose the 30 pounds I had put on since we met. So the fact that he had planned for even that made me cry and know that he had truly thought of everything to make this day perfect!

Letter  #4 “I don’t care, what do you want to eat?”

If you opened this letter, it means that you are hungry. You may be thinking to yourself, “Where has Boyfriend planned for me to eat?”
Well Boyfriend knows you quite well! He also thought it would be cute if you could have lunch at say…. the Sushi place where we had our first date! Maybe without Boyfriend there, you can be less nervous and perhaps you could actually eat your food this time!
But then again, maybe that would be more cute if it was just the 2 of us. So we will save that idea for another time.
What about Del Taco? That place is kind of sentimental because on October 30, 2013, the first time I officially asked you out, you said we should meet up there for free tacos and pick up a marriage license on the way. “Might as well get married!” you said. I don't even remember how the joke came up. I do remember thinking that you and I would never get married. I thought that if we did have a relationship, it would be nothing serious. I hoped only to make out a lot. Not settle down with someone. That is why I pretended that you said Del Taco. What you really suggested were tacos at Taco Bell. I knew it then, and I know it now. I had to throw you off somehow though. I wanted a makeout buddy. Not to get married before we had even gone on a date! So maybe you shouldn't eat there today, now that you know I have been lying about the Del Taco / Taco Bell mix up! I wouldn’t want that thought to ruin your lunch.
How about our new favorite Thai place? Why use up old nostalgia? We are so good about making new memories that we should be looking forward! Not backward! Although, if I am not mistaken, we just ate there last night. So you don't want eat there 2 times in a row! (Yes, I did plan on that happening.)

Ok, the jig is up. I actually don't have anything planned for you regarding lunch/brunch plans. I know you better than that! Sometimes you aren't in the mood to eat, even at your favorite places. I didn't want to take that chance today. All I want is for you to enjoy yourself. So go anywhere that sounds good. Even if it’s just a drink at Starbucks. I know usually you force me to help you pick. But today, it’s all about whatever Girlfriend wants!
(But if you still aren't sure, make your best friend pick. That’s one of the reasons I had her join you today. Sorry Alyssa!)

I have THE hardest time picking somewhere to eat. I even have Boyfriend list places off so I can hear them, think about it, and say yay or nay. Yes, I could just do this in my own head. But hearing them helps, I promise! And this was no different than any other time. I was so excited and nervous that I didn't have an appetite, but I figured Alyssa was probably hungry so I used Boyfriends advice and told her to pick. Well, she was not forewarned about that last sentence in the letter and made me pick. Starbucks it was! Why not add more jitter to my already jittery self?

Letter #5 Manicures

You know I have a ring. You have known for months. I am sure after today you are going to want to show it off. I mean, not to set the bar too high or anything, but it’s pretty amazing. Or who knows, maybe you will hate it. Either way, people will be looking at your hands, so you are going to want your nails done!
Unfortunately, Boyfriend has no idea if you like other people doing your nails because you always do them yourself. So to be safe, I have arranged for you to decide to go wherever you want to go. Even if it means going home and doing them yourself. I still think you should go somewhere and do Mani-Pedi’s with your best friend because that is fun and adorable. It’s also the least we could do for your Best Friend after dragging her around all day. Plus it would be adorable Instagram pictures!
And speaking of social media, I bet the thought crossed your mind that this would be cute on the blog. Well I am way ahead of ya! I have been blogging this all day!
I did break our standard format, but this was a special post, for a special day. I have been updating the post every time you have read a letter. Adding my own thoughts and feelings as I update. All 13 of our serious devoted followers have been getting live updates! And I am sure, that like me, they cannot wait for your follow up blog post of your reactions to each letter. Boyfriend has thought of everything! ...Except where to get your nails done. Because he has no idea what places are good.

I had stressed to Boyfriend at least a year or two ago that if he was going to propose, I needed to not have nasty looking finger nails for the pictures. And, as always, he remembered! (Key to a happy, healthy relationship. Communicate and listen to each other!) Of course we only did manicures. Can you blame me? I was ready to get the next letter! One step closer to the end - spoiler alert. The end is a proposal! I also love that he decided to share this adventure on our blog while it was happening! I absolutely loved everyone experiencing the entire event with us: the happy tears, the anxiety, the suspense... Loved it!!

Letter #6 Get Gussied Up

So I hijacked your day, stressed you out about a new outfit, and made you do your nails. I am sure at this point you are wondering where it’s all going. Obviously we are going to meet up and be all adorable and you finally get to see this ring that you already knew I had. So go home, get gussied up in your new outfit, and come meet me. I tried to think of a special place that is ‘ours’ where we could meet up. And I thought back through the last 3 years… We don't really have a ‘place’. Everywhere we go together is our place. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true, and I am sure you agree. I strained my brain for weeks trying to think of the perfect place for the official proposal. As the date got closer, I started to panic and then like so many times before, my best friend Jesse helped me figure it out. Jesse reminded me, that there is a specific place that is kind of responsible for keeping us together…
May 26th, 2014, we decided that for whatever reason it would be a great idea to learn how to Longboard. Without helmets... Up the canyon... On Memorial Day... Having almost no experience on a Longboard…
I don't need to go into the details of what happened next, I am pretty sure you don't want to relive it. But If you had not broken your shoulder that day, I probably would not have softened up. I would have held on to petty anger from a fight we had a week before. I would have gone my separate way in life. And for the man that you have helped me become today, I am so glad that didn't happen. (I am sorry about your shoulder, but happy it caused us to stay together. )
So when you are ready, come meet me up the trail where we decided to try something scary and fun. Only this time, let’s not break any bones. 
Can’t wait to see you, Love Boyfriend.

Throughout the entire day I kept asking Alyssa if I was going to be able to actually get ready before the official proposal. She did not say a word except that Boyfriend would not allow me to be uncomfortable or feel less than beautiful for this. SOOO thankful he cares so much about me. I would have hated to have been proposed to in the state I was in: ponytail, hat, yesterday's makeup, pretty much a nappy mess!

I had also been thinking all day of where we would be meeting up... Home? Nope, he wouldn't have me go get ready if he was there. His work where we had first passed by each other before officially meeting? Nah... Too many people, and I'm not one for crowds. The movie theater where we met? Again, too many people. The canyon was perfect! It definitely holds a sentimental meaning to us both. We had been broken up for a whole 13 days and, at my shoulders expense, gave it another shot. I could not imagine life without this man! He has made me a calmer, more patient and caring woman than I thought I could ever be.

Letter #7 Woof Woof!


Lucy saw me writing all these for the past several days and really wanted to help!
So I let her write her own. Not sure what it says, maybe you do.

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Woof, Lucy

(I always have to find a way to involve Lucy. I love that dog!)

This is the last letter she will get until she see's me tonight! I am most nervous for this next one!
Please stand by. Because I have no idea how long it will take her to get ready. I am officially in the waiting boat with the rest of you!

I am 99.9% certain he loves our dog more than I do! They're the two best pals, it's adorable!


Letter #8 The Big Question

I know we did the whole relationship thing in the wrong order. Traditionally a couple meets, they go on dates, they get to know one another, they fall in love, they get married, they buy a house, they get a dog or have kids and so on and so on.
You and I on the other hand… We met, then I like to think you fell in love a little, we got know one another, I fell in love a little, we dated, we took a chance and moved in together, we fell in love a lot more, you already had a dog, so we bought a house.
But in all the mix up of doing things in the wrong order… I don't want to skip the marriage part.
Eleshia Sharae, will you please Marry me?
(That is the part where Girlfriend most likely said yes.)
I know this ring is not a traditional Engagement ring. I have been telling you all day that I know you so well by now. And the more I stressed over the ring, the more I realized that I would never be able to pick the right one. We need to go pick it together, and we will. Until then, I hope you love this ring. It means more than just being a placeholder. It has a Purple Amethyst and a Blue Topaz. Which I am sure you know are our birthstones. This represents exactly what I want it to. Us simply being together.
Assuming you said yes, you can keep the ring. If you love it, you can wear it all the time. If you hate it, that is fine too. It wasn’t very expensive, and we are getting a new one anyway!

I of course said yes without hesitation, and with tear filled eyes!! The ring is so unique and so perfect for us and our relationship! I knew Boyfriend was stressing about picking a ring because I have always told him that I wasted my dream ring on a shitty marriage. I am so excited to show this ring off and to find another dream ring to represent our marriage! And, if we can't find a dream ring, I am perfectly content with this engagement ring being the one.

Letter #9 Let's make a Sequel

Are you tired of reading letters yet? Isn’t it over? Questions have been asked and answered! Rings have been accepted! All manner of fun has been had!
What could possibly be left to do?
Earlier I told you the story of how we began. I sat next to you at the movie theater and would have never guessed that you would end up being my Girlfriend. I just wanted to go watch a movie about Magicians. Not meet the woman I would marry.
As we left the theater that night, Jesse told me that I should take you out on a date. I did not believe for one second that you would want to go out with me. I didn't think I would be your type. I thought of all the reasons not to ask you out.
I am so glad you sat next to me that night, because I just kept thinking about you until I eventually did ask you out, and we fell in love. 
It was kind of perfect the way it all worked out. I had so many different proposals planned for months! But I waited so long to propose that now, there is a sequel to the very movie that brought us together. It could not be more perfect that we start our own sequel by watching a sequel to the movie that was our beginning.

You would think that I would have thought this was coming when the trailer for the sequel to what I call "our" movie came out. (I'm not really great at picking up on the clues haha). As much as I complain about waiting 6 months to be asked out, I am glad Boyfriend waited a while. The night at the movie was my first week back from the east coast and I was needing some time to figure out life again.

The sequel to Now You See Me was the perfect ending for the night that would start our new beginning! I cannot say it enough: Boyfriend planned and successfully executed a surprise, thoughtful, and heartfelt proposal better than I could have ever wished for!!

Here's to our fairy tale's new beginning! Xoxo

Jamie Terry