The First Post (Official)


We introduce ourselves and each other here.
Nothing fancy.

I am Girlfriend

& I am Boyfriend.


I am Girlfriend, I am often found running around with a checklist miles long; because, who can ever hate checklists?! I love being busy and feeling accomplished: there’s my drive behind my crazy. I work full time and go to school full time; RN to be, and on the road to Nurse Anesthetist eventually (baby steps!). I am also a grammar fanatic, and like everything to be perfect - which is why blogging can be so difficult for me. I envy those that can write novels without blinking and it turns out great, whereas, I over-analyze everything and it takes me eons to get even one paragraph down.

I am boyfriend! I am self described as uniquely eccentric. When people ask, “what’s your thing?” I always say stories. I love a good story. Stories break up your day to day life and something new. And they can be told in so many different ways… Film, Books, dance, comics, a friend who won't stop blabbing. Life is full of stories and I can never get enough! My love of stories is what turned me into a nerd. Super Heroes and Dragons make the best stories! I am glad Girlfriend invited me to be a part of her blog. It will be another perfect place to share and read life stories. And like all stories, some will be happy, some will be sad, some might make you angry, and others might not make any sense. (especially when boyfriend is talking) So Girlfriend, How did you come up with the idea for this blog?

I always have these hairbrain ideas to start something new (adding to my checklist, of course). One night I was lying in bed, unable to sleep, and thought, “why don’t I blog during my insomniac episodes?” The next morning I brainstormed what I would even blog about. School? No. Relationship advice? Nope. Another hair or fashion blog? Eh, no. I instead wanted to keep it open to be able to blog about whatever my heart desired. The hardest part was coming up with a name that would allow me to do so. I don’t consider myself to be of the creative nature. Low and behold though, I had another insomniac episode, and BAM! blog name found: Late Night Talks. Well… that was already taken. So I was back to square one of finding a name. Then I thought, Boyfriend has always talked about starting something along the lines of a blog. Why not do this together? Our Late Night Talks was, thankfully, available! Before even asking if this would be something he wanted to do, or even liked the name, I purchased the domain (oops! ask for forgiveness later I guess). Luckily, he was on board and loved the name - or so he says haha!

I didn't realize that when Girlfriend was “telling me about the idea” she had actually already purchased a domain… But I instantly fell in love with the idea! I don't think I have ever seen a couple’s blog where there is a back and forth exchange from each person's perspective. Girlfriend and I have a lot of discussions about a lot of different topics. Why not post them on the internet for all to see? What I think will make things even more interesting is the fact that we often have opposing opinions. But still, we manage to stay in love, even if we need to agree to disagree!

Do you think we be able to come up with enough things to post about?

I do! I am worried people might not be interested in what we have to say…

But I guess, it doesn't matter if people are interested, because these are our late night talks.

Jamie Terry