OMG Text me back!


Wanna hear something kind of annoying that happened to me at lunch today?


So some friends at work wanted to go out to lunch after a meeting since we rarely get to spend time together outside of the office. So we all met up at the restaurant and got seated and immediately everyone was on their phones...

That’s annoying.

I get that we live in a day and age filled with LOLs, WTFs, and emojis. But everywhere you go, people are consistently connected to their phones or devices. I guess maybe I am just boring?

Or getting old ;-)
Haha, no.. I know what you mean. It’s frustrating when people aren’t engaged in the here and now. It feels like they only half care about what’s going on 2 feet in front of them.

Seriously though! I mean, you know that I love my phone and my gadgets. How many times a week am I coming to you showing a cool new app or figuring out how to control the ceiling fan with my IR blaster?

More often than we would like to admit… What is an IR blaster?

Something that I sadly learned the S7 doesn't even have :-(
Glad I upgraded...

Thanks Samsung.

It’s just funny how dependent people have become on their cell phones. The second there is any lull in conversation, the phones are up. It’s like an odd safety net or something.

Communicating IRL (In Real Life) is hard stuff - give ‘em a break. JK

It’s sad though that it’s more “normal” to text the word, “here” instead of knocking a front door though...

Haha, guilty! I even send the text before I’m actually really there. #Impatient

I am not THAT old… but when I was younger, if you wanted to talk to someone, you had to either call them or get up and go to their house in hopes that person was home. AND you could go days before returning a call. Now, people can see if I have read their message to me! Nothing is worse than the “seen” feature. It puts so much pressure on people to reply! I am just sad it got to the point where you can't even go to lunch with a group of friends without people checking their phones. And It was bad when it was only texting! Now, people are focused on their likes, what’s trending on twitter, a never ending stream of pictures on instagram, and anything else that you could ever want. Because you know, there is an app for that!

What bugs me most about this, is the hypocrisy behind it all. Everyone says they hate this.. But they all do it. Again, guilty. But! I’ve noticed you and I have been doing a lot better about keeping our phones put away during social time, or even you and I time.


Not that kind of you and I time, ya nasty! … Well, I guess technically. I hope people put their phones away during bow chicka wow wow. That would be awkward…….

Haha! I guess it gets you thinking, where should you draw the line?
At dinner? At the movies? While driving? Hanging with Friends?
I mean I embrace technology but I refuse to feel guilty about being a slow replier. Or not checking facebook every hour.

You haven’t always had that mentality, have you? Please tell me you’ve been with the rest of us, at one point, being a screen gaucher.

*googles gaucher*
Gaucher disease is an inherited disorder that affects many of the body's organs and tissues.
Nah, if checking FB gives me gaucher, I am not interested.

GAWKER!! I meant gawker. Read my mind!

I figured that is what you meant! But yes, at times I do go through phases.
But overall I am infamous among friends and family for not replying. I even have my texts go off every 2 minutes if I haven't checked them… So maybe I swing too far!

My issue is reading the message, thinking I’ll reply later, and forgetting to reply. I use to be ‘so good’ at replying… when I was glued to my phone.

Well no one had that problem during lunch! At one point someone made a joke about everyone being on their phones. I suggested that we all place them face down in the corner and whoever picks theirs up first, gets the bill!
That was not at all a popular idea…

What everyone needs is a good ol’ technology cleanse! Making a conscious effort to be in the present and turn off devices, disconnect, to truly enjoy life instead of being enthralled with the latest tweet, news report, or #OOTD. I feel that was one thing that kicked the habit of constantly being on my phone.

I love that idea! Because when I am spending time with family, my phone stays put away. If I am out with friends, my phone is usually only out to take pictures. Even if I am at home, just doing my own thing, if my phone goes off I don't check it right away. Because 99 out of 100 times, it is not something that needs my immediate attention. Stuff can wait. Enjoy the moment!

Jamie Terry