It's Not a Diet, It's a Lifestyle!


I think we should finally get our shit together and do the Keto Diet my mom has been telling us about. She’s being doing it for almost a year and looks like she could be blown away in a windstorm. I know we’ve tried so many ‘fad diets’ and ‘quick fix’ things, but she’s saying this is super easy to adapt as a lifestyle. The food, cookbooks, and blog that she’s shown me have hundreds of recipes and amazing looking (and tasting food). I say we give it a shot for a few weeks and see what happens. AND, it will at least drop us a few pounds for our wedding.. And honeymoon! Gotta fit in my teenie, weenie, yellow, polka-dot bikini.

I don’t know.. I think I’ll just stick to what I’ve done in the past that I know works for me. But you can do the keto thing!

… They have cheesecake!!!!

Sold. Done. Sign me up.

Jamie Terry