The Most Amazing Show

Have you seen all of those billboards lining the freeway about the horse show?

What horse show?

The show that claims to be “The Most Amazing Show in the World”...... You haven’t seen these billboards:


Haha Oh yeah, I guess I have. I just wondered what it was and moved on.

And, did you notice the Big White Top? What does that have to do with a horse? I hope this isn’t some live carousel ride… C’mon people!

* googles Cavalia*

OMG! This actually looks kinda neat. Look at this video of how they link everything to go with how the horses respond.

Interesting… they take all the cues from the horses. You would think it would be the other way around. Holy balls, tickets are so expensive! I hope you didn’t wanna go.

I don’t know, kind of. It looks really unique, and it’s not something that’s going to be available at any given time.

True... and I did drag you to that Star Trek concert. So we can go if you want to. I just hope it’s worth it.
Whoop Whoop!

[Millions of dollars later]

So... that was totally worth it!

I’m so glad we went! I was concerned that the obstructed views would be so terrible. I’m not sad that we spent a little more for different seats, but even the obstructed views weren’t bad at all!

I am honestly surprised that it didn't cost more! People don't realize what all goes into these shows, and 65+ horse can not be cheap to maintain and cart around

Right?! Plus, add in the cost of all of the equipment just for the Big White Top, lot rental space, employees to run it, performers… the musicians!

I do think it is a bit of stretch to call it the greatest show in the world. Haha But it far exceeded my expectations. I am really glad we decided to go.

Me too! I really think everyone should take advantage when the show is running in their area.

There is just so much to appreciate. The way the music was cued to what the horses were doing was fascinating! The set design was easily my favorite part. As a former theater performer, I was simply blown away by what they were able to accomplish with such limited space.

I loved how you could see the connection between the horses and performers. The level of respect and trust for one another was astonishing!

It reminded me of the Dothraki in Game of Thrones. But that is a tangent for another day!

Thanks for being willing to come with me :) Now tell all your friends to go see it!

Jamie Terry