The Final Frontier


I know that Girlfriend loves me a lot. There are some times when she loves me extra. There are moments, like after hearing the Star Trek Voyager theme song, when my eyes light up and I can't wipe that grin off my face...

that she has to love me extra. Because I do things like drag her to the Star Trek Ultimate Voyage concert.

Oh, trust me, I’ve dragged you along to plenty of adventures that I’m sure you wouldn’t have wanted to go to. This is what I call humoring you.

Now, you hear the word concert, you probably think awesome drum solos, electric guitars and perhaps a mosh-pit. In reality, The Star Trek Ultimate Voyage concert is a live orchestra playing the music from the Television series and movies. (Please try and contain your nerdgasms).

When Boyfriend sent me to their website, all I could see was Star Trek with a hint of orchestra. I love live orchestras, but man oh man…. Star Trek?!? I had no problem containing my “nerdgasm”.

You can't make someone become a Trekkie, believe me, I have tried. I was really expecting an insta-nope when I asked if we could go.

I knew this was something he was passionate about, and you can’t deny someone from enjoying their passion. We call that prison. So, to his surprise, it was an immediate yes!

Oddly enough, about a week before I even knew this was a thing, I came across this youtube video of the DS9 Theme song played by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. I started thinking how I wish I could have heard it in person. The music from the the Star Trek universe has always been iconic. So I would happily sit through a 2 hour Star Trek concert! But unlike me, most people would not be satisfied just hearing the music. So the concert includes a giant screen where they project scenes from the series with a narration from Michael Dorn. It paired very well, but hearing the music live was every bit of awesome that I thought it would be.

I also loved the music, but kept getting distracted by the tempo flash the conductor was using to keep up with the projected scenes (the perfectionist in me wanted to grab his arm to keep him on tempo with the flash haha). I loved that they paired the visual and audio together to help those of us that aren’t “trekkies” understand when this music was used since they did cover the lifespan of the franchise. It was definitely an emotional roller coaster of laughs, joy, and sadness. All in all, it was a great run through Star Trek memory lane (or a first time experience) and the amazing music that has been produced from it. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone - you don’t need to be a ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ to enjoy something like this.

This was a very unique event and obviously not something we would do every weekend. It’s so easy to get caught up in the same old weekend routine. Do something unique! Just google local events. (Or find a couple's blog that talks about cool things to try).

Live long and Prosper.

Jamie Terry