My Boyfriend is Totally Whipped!


Too often, conversations between guys and their friends go something like this:

“Wanna hang out on Friday?”

“Maybe, let me check with Girlfriend.”

“Wow, you need permission? Does your girlfriend control your schedule? You are so whipped!”

No, actually, I am not ‘whipped’ and Girlfriend doesn't ‘control’ me

I just happen to love and respect her, and since we share a life together, I figure it’s best to make sure my plans won't be conflicting with that life.

I just happen to be a schedule fanatic and need everything planned: especially social events!

Part of being in a relationship, or having a relationship with anyone in general, is communication. We all have our routines that we live by: wake up, go to work, eat, sleep, repeat. But what happens when that monotony is broken up with something such as a doctor’s appointment? Now your significant other is wondering why you weren’t home at the usual time, or why you weren’t responding to their texts/IMs. Did he get in a car accident? Should I start calling local hospitals? The National Guard?! (Admit it, that’s where everyone’s mind goes when a routine is thrown off.)

Boyfriend was continually needing to check in with me to see if we had plans for Friday night, the weekend, etc. If I didn’t respond quick enough, either A - plans were made and conflicted with others, or B - we missed the opportunity.

This is when I had an idea! A Couple’s Calendar! Thanks Google!
When people first hear about it, they find it a little strange because of that whole ‘controlling’ feeling.
But what people fail to realize, is that this is not some kind of submission for approval, this is simply a schedule that we both can see.

At first, we put only events that Girlfriend and I would both be attending together. But now, we put everything in it.

Doctor’s appointments, workout schedule, social events, vacations, school schedule, anything and everything that is scheduled.. It goes on the Couple’s Calendar (unless it’s a surprise for Boyfriend, of course!

(…Funny story, I legitimately almost ruined a HUGE surprise for Girlfriend because I almost put it in the calendar...)

Having a shared calendar leaves no grey area of if/when we are available, or wondering why the other person isn’t home yet from work.
Because I am technologically challenged, Boyfriend is here to save the day with a tutorial on how to set it up:

It’s actually VERY easy to set up with a google calendar, and I highly recommend it to any couple or family with busy or full schedules! (I even set one up for my entire family that they all forget to use.)

1. Go to and log in.
2. Find “My Calendars” In about the middle of the page on the left hand side. Click the little arrow and select “Create New Calendar”


3. This will take you to a page where you can name your calendar and share it with anyone you want. Just enter their email address and set their permission levels to “Make changes to events”
4. After you have finished adding people, click “Create Calendar”


Simple as that!
Personally, I have a terrible memory and always forget plans.
I think Girlfriend wanted to bop me a few times when she told me a million times about something planned and I would forget. This simple set up saved me from forgetting so many things.

(And saved you from having a permanent goose-egg from being bopped again, and again.)

Couples Calendar!

It’s not about controlling your significant other.

It’s not about “being whipped”

It’s about communication! Without having to actually communicate directly

Jamie Terry